Wireless Headset System/ 5.0 Analog

Wireless Headset System/ 5.0 Analog

$ 129.99

This analog TV listener is our most affordable voice clarifying headset TV system. This system actively clarifies and amplifies speech and dialog while lowering background noise so you can actually hear what's going on.

No more rewinding parts of the movie or asking the person next to you what was just said. With the #HRS-50 Wireless Headset, you'll hear every word.

This TV listener system allows you to listen to your television without turning up the volume on the TV. This gives other people in the room the ability to watch TV with you while you listen at your own volume. Simply connect the transmitter to your TV, cable box, or satellite box equipped with analog audio out ports and you're ready to go. Our Wireless Headset system makes TV listening enjoyable again.

This technology offers an advanced microchip in the transmitter captures the audio signal and amplifies the human speech frequencies above the background noise so that spoken words are clearly audible, basically boosting the sound of the dialogue. Unlike some analog models that merely make all sounds louder, this system amplifies voice pitch frequencies above other sounds, so words are easier to discern. The words seem to jump out of the track, making even whispers and accents understandable.


Voice Clarifying Circuitry®
125dB SPL amplification
Tone control
Works on most TVs
Television and headset volume function separately


• 1 TV Ears 5.0 wireless, rechargeable headset
• TV Ears 5.0 analog transmitter base (holds and charges two TV Ears 5.0 headsets)
• Auxiliary audio cord
• Analog audio cord
• Rechargeable battery (comes pre-installed in headset)
• Power supply
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