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DayClox Original Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock - "FREE SHIPPING"

$ 59.95 $ 109.00

  What's Today?  What time is it now?  When those questions become more frequent & missing activities & appointments become the norm... Give them the Gift of TIME! This digital calendar clock reduces unnecessary confusion and reinstates a sense of confidence in...

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DayClox - '5 CYCLE' Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock -"FREE SHIPPING"

$ 59.95

This DAYCLOX unique 5 CYCLE DIGITAL CALENDAR DAY CLOCK clearly spells out the full DAY of the Week, CYCLE of the Day, MONTH and DATE in large, bold letters - with no confusing abbreviations. Many seniors suffering from memory loss...

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DayClox Replacement A/C Adapter. "Free Shipping"/ Ships FEB 7th.

$ 12.95

DayClox A/C Adapter

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DayClox RUSSIAN LANGUAGE Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock - "FREE SHIPPING" Ships FEB 8th.

$ 69.95

This unique High Resolution RUSSIAN LANGUAGE digital day clock clearly spells out the full DAY of the Week, MONTH and DATE in large, BOLD LETTERS - with no confusing abbreviations. Many seniors suffering from memory loss due to dementia, stroke,...

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A dementia clock is a simple solution for a growing concern. Many seniors suffer from memory loss and confusion, which may be a result of dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, or just advancing years. This often makes simple activities very difficult, and frustrations can mount as they lose track of the time and day and often confuse morning with afternoon or, worse, even confuse day with night! 

 Benefits of a Dementia Clock

Why is a dementia clock a helpful gadget for a person with Alzheimer’s or memory loss? People with memory problems thrive when their life is structured and on a regular routine. Familiarity is a person dealing with memory loss’s best friend, and placing these easy-to-read clocks for dementia around the home can help ease anxiety and aid with confusion.

At The Senior Care Shop, you will find a variety of clocks that make it easier to keep some routine and structure in their lives. These clocks clearly spell out the month and day of the week without the use of confusing abbreviations. They also display what part of the day it is as in morning, afternoon, evening or night. Studies have shown that dementia clocks can greatly improve independence, confidence, and efficiency of people who live with memory loss.

A dementia clock isn’t just all about convenience. Individuals with memory loss use it as an anchor to their daily life.  No matter how many times a person forgets, they’ll always have their clock to look at to answer their most common question: “what time is it?”! These clocks also help caregivers and loved ones keep the patient on their medical routine. You will not need to worry about missed doctor appointments, dangerous or incorrect medication dosages, or inconsistent sleep schedules.

Our customers have raved about the benefits of placing such a simple gadget in the home. Get one today and watch how such a simple device can directly affect your loved one’s self-confidence and willingness to do things independently. Installing a dementia clock can even put your mind at ease knowing your loved one can tell time and quickly orient themselves on their own. 

Versatile & Easy-to-Use Design

Our collection of dementia clocks have a sleek, modern design, and some can be mounted on the wall or left free standing on the dresser or counter, whichever is easier to see. They are also easy to install, easy to read, and look great in any space. The Senior Care Shop sells different styles of dementia clocks. Our selection includes high-quality clocks from the best manufacturers in the industry. These simple clocks are also easy to set up and manage for all ages or technological levels. They are quiet, highly visible, and many even have an automatic dimmer that can be used in the bedroom at night.

The display on all our clocks is large enough to be seen from almost anywhere in the room. Whether you place yours on the wall or a table, dementia clocks compliment any decor whether it’s traditional, contemporary or modern.

Don’t know what to get your grandparent that has everything? A clock is a great gift option for any household. Many of our customers have one in every room! Don’t let grandma be late for a family occasion ever again! A memory loss clock is a simple item and a perfect way to provide safer in-home care. It may seem like a small thing, but a quality dayclock can quickly start to reduce anxiety, minimize frustration and confusion, and avoid situations that your loved ones feel embarrassed about.Take a look at our current selection of dementia clocks and get one for your house or a loved one today!

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