MedReady Lockable Pill Dispenser with Land Line Modem- Basic Unit

MedReady Lockable Pill Dispenser with Land Line Modem- Basic Unit

$ 199.00

Pill Dispenser with Lock and Timer

You can receive simple and effective notifications that your loved ones are (or are not) taking their pills when they should. This “lockable” AutoMed 175 pill dispenser allows you to connect the device to the internet so you can get an alert whenever a family member misses a dosage.

This system allows caregivers to log into a secure website and make changes to the locked medication dispenser from any location where they have internet access. This means that the only time you need physical access to the pill dispenser is to refill the trays.

Lockable Pill Box Features

  • 28 compartments that accommodate 4 doses per day for 7 days
  • Each compartment holds up to 4 M&M-size pills or capsules
  • Designed to keep pills in place even when turned upside down
  • The locked lid prevents your loved one from tampering with the doses
  • Plugs into a power outlet and includes backup battery
  • Connect to the internet through a land line or cellular modem
  • Available with flashing display or as the basic model

You can add an audible alarm and flashing light to your pill dispenser to make sure patients now that it is dosage time. It only adds $10.00 to the price, and can be extremely useful. You can also choose the cellular modem option for an additional cost.

At The Senior Care shop we specialize in providing medication assistance devices to help your loved ones get the care they need. Order your pill dispenser with a locking feature today and make sure they’re getting the medication they need.

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