Digital T.V Listener 5.0

Digital T.V Listener 5.0
Digital T.V Listener 5.0

$ 199.99

Never miss another word of your favorite T.V. show!

The 5.0 Digital TV Listener is compatible with any Dolby Digital, SRS, and PCM products. It offers digital connectivity and is designed to work with your TV. The volume works independently from your television's speakers. You control your own volume while wearing the Digital TV Listener 5.0 headset and everyone else can listen to the TV at their own level. The best part is that you'll hear every word.

Our model #HRS-D500 comes with an ultra-light wireless 5.0 Headset. This system incorporates an advanced microchip in the transmitter that captures the audio signal and amplifies the human speech frequencies above the background noise. This allows spoken words to be clearly audible, basically boosting the sound of the dialogue. Unlike some analog models that merely make all sounds louder, the #HRS-D500 amplifies the voice pitch frequencies above other sounds, so words are easier to discern. The words seem to jump out of the track, making even whispers and accents understandable.

• 125dB SPL amplification
• Works on most TVs
• Television and headset volume function separately
• Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility


• 1 Digital T.V Listener wireless, rechargeable headset
• 5.0 digital transmitter base (holds and charges two 5.0 headsets)
• Optical digital audio cord
• Auxiliary audio cord
• Analog audio cord
• Rechargeable battery (comes pre-installed in headset)
• Power supply

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