Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Warning Alarm with LED Strobe Light - Hardwired

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Warning Alarm with LED Strobe Light - Hardwired

$ 169.00

Keep your loved ones Safe!

The First Alert Hardwired Smoke & CO Alarm with LED Strobe Light and 10 Year Battery Backup features a powerful LED strobe that's proven to be extremely efficient in providing assistance for individuals with hearing impairments. The intuitive use of a Smart Strobe light carries the ability to distinguish between Smoke and CO dangers. First Alert Hardwired LED Smoke Alarms include a wide compatibility range and can be interconnected with First Alert and BRK Smoke, CO, Smoke/CO Combination and Heat alarms (up to 18 detectors, 12 can be smoke alarms).

First Alert's Hardwired LED Strobe Light Combination Alarm uses a photoelectric smoke sensing chamber that provides optimal awareness from smoldering fires. Photoelectric smoke alarms also reduce the likelihood of false alarms like those caused from cooking fires and shower steam from sounding. The 7030BSL LED combination alarm also uses an electrochemical CO sensor to detect the presence of carbon monoxide. This hearing impaired combination alarm meets UL Standards and fulfills the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act.

On average, about 170 people in the United States die every year and several thousand people go to hospital emergency rooms every year due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. The culprits are malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, ranges, water heaters and room heaters; engine-powered equipment such as portable generators; fireplaces; and charcoal that is burned in homes and other enclosed areas.


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