MedFolio Self Management Wireless Pillbox

MedFolio Self Management Wireless Pillbox

$ 239.00

Our MedFolio Wireless Pillbox will help your loved ones remember to take their medications & prevent them from over-medicating.
This Wireless Pillbox has built in WiFi and offers caregivers and family members a convenient way to monitor a loved one’s medication adherence. This wireless model provides audio and visual alerts as reminders for every dose and helps patients organize their medications.

• Stores a full week (7 days) of solid medication, divided into four daily dosing intervals: morning, noon, evening, and bedtime.
• Deep pill compartments hold up to 20-25 aspirin-sized tablets per day.
• Four optional alerts: beep, flashing LED, email, text message
• Real-time records are remotely accessible via the unit’s cloud server
• Designed to fit on household countertops,
• Portable design can be taken to doctors’ appointments and daily activities.
• Pill identification system displays info for up to 16 different medications
• Daily compartments are removable, allowing a caregiver to carry the daily medication supply in their purse or pocket.

The device’s built-in pill identification system provides a portfolio of every medication stored in the box, giving the patient/caregiver adequate knowledge to engage in medication discussions with their healthcare providers.
Alerts are programmed using Wireless Pillbox’s software program, downloadable to any personal computer. This visual program allows the user to set up specific medication regimens and dosing times, which are uploaded to the pillbox via USB connection (cable included). In addition to setting up audio (beeps) and visual (LED light) alerts, you can also opt to receive medication reminders via email or text messaging.
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