SafeDriver System

SafeDriver System
SafeDriver System

$ 198.00

Prevent your loved one with early stages Dementia or Alzheimer’s from driving!

Taking the car keys away from a loved one who is becoming impaired is one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do!


SafeDriver Security System is a unique ignition key immobilizer that prevents a vehicle engine from starting if the driver is impaired and unfit to drive. Before driving, your loved one has to play a quick game on the small SafeDriver key fob that rapidly checks the driver’s reaction time. It analyzes how quickly a driver can react to a stimulus. SafeDriver allows them to start their car once they pass the test. If they fail the test three times, then the car cannot be started for another hour.

The unit comes with two main components:
Check Module: About the size of a conventional automotive key fob, the Check Module is the testing portion of the ignition lock system. The Check Module is easy to attach to anyone’s key ring. This device is much easier to operate than, for example, a breathalyzer analysis device; it is a bit like playing a quick video game. As further built-in security a given Check Module only communicates with a unique and individual code only with the interlock device specifically installed in the vehicle.
Immobilizer: This component prevents the car from being started if the Check Module test is not passed. In order to start the car, the Immobilizer must receive a positive command from the Check Module. The Immobilizer is a reliable solid-state electronic circuit that is professionally installed in the vehicle, typically under the dashboard. Again, this device can only be commanded by the single corresponding Check Module.

Available with an Installation Card for professional installation (recommended)


Impaired Driving Deterrent Feature

SafeDriver operates on the basic principle that impaired behavior, due to medical conditions, Dementia or Alzheimer’s can be measured directly by assessing a person’s increased response time to a given stimulus. The higher the impairment, the longer the response delay. This increased response time inhibits an individual’s ability to drive safely. The SafeDriver solution is providing a rapid assessment of the driver’s hand-eye coordination before allowing the vehicle’s engine to start.

When the driver uses SafeDriver’s key fob, a series of lights are flashed randomly and the user simply replies to the flashing lights. If the replies are rapid enough so minimal impairment is not detected, the car can be started. However, if not, after three failed tries, the user must wait an hour to try again.

SafeDriver’s Anti-Theft Feature

Your vehicle cannot be started without a command from the Check Module. Vehicle thieves who don't have the command module or don't understand how to use it cannot start the car – even if they have the keys! This bonus feature of the SafeDriver’s makes it two important products in one.


Self Install for "do it yourself" installation.

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