Huggable Beagle - Therapy Doll & Pillow

Huggable Beagle - Therapy Doll & Pillow

$ 59.95

This delightful huggable Comfort Doll is specifically designed to comfort those with Alzheimer’s!

There is a strong connection between people and their pets. It is very difficult for a loved one to give up a live pet when the time comes because they cannot care for it anymore. During mid-late stages of Alzheimer’s, a stuffed pet can help significantly while filling that void.

Stuffed animal/Doll therapy is a great activity for people in the mid stages of dementia


Helps ease anxiety, aggression and gives meaning and purpose to each day.

This therapy isn’t only for women – men like to cuddle, too!


  • Soft, huggable, and weighted for a feeling of security.
  • Floppy ears, collar, whiskers & bandanna occupy busy hands.
  • Tactile sense is stimulated by a variety of fabrics and textures
  • Contrasting colors stimulate senses and positive emotions.
  • Vanilla scent calms & soothes
  • Keepsake pocket holds items to aid memory.
  • Beagles are weighted” for a feeling of security.
  • Pillowy-feel that’s perfect for hugging.
  • Features a pocket to hold family photos & keepsakes which help memory recall.


Size: 20”L x 13”W x 8” H


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