GPS Freedom Watch

GPS Freedom Watch

$ 499.99


Most people with Alzheimer's or Dementia will wander in their lifetime. Wandering has been identified as the single most stressful event that leads to family members making the difficult decision to seek help in the form of institutional care.
The loss of familiar surroundings and possessions has been identified as one of the most stressful events in the life of a dementia adult. If Freedom can stop just one wandering event it will have paid for itself several times over in both emotional and financial terms.
The Lok8u Freedom Wandering Prevention & Emergency Alert is a GPS locator watch that allows a safer, higher degree of independence for those prone to wandering ( Dementia, etc.) while giving caregivers and parents greater peace of mind.

• Same size and look as a normal wrist watch
• Secure, lockable strap keeps the watch on
• Panic button with transmission confirmation
• Water-resistant and scratch-proof
• Watch can pair with two different receivers
Caregivers can set indoor or outdoor safe zones for the Freedom Watch. If these safe zones are crossed, the Freedom Watch sets off a visual and audible alarm. The watch also sends the wanderer’s current location directly to the caregiver or family or call station via email and/or text message. It works with a smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world, and features a built-in panic button the wearer can press to call for help at any time.
To instantly locate a wearer within 10 feet around the globe, simply log into the Freedom portal from your smartphone or computer. You can text "wru" from your mobile phone and you will receive a text back indicating the wearer’s location.



How It Works
The Freedom solution creates an RF (Radio Frequency) proximity zone around the portable receiver (35 yards indoors, 85 yards outdoors). Outside of this proximity zone, the watch becomes a GSM/GPS device, so the wearer’s location can be determined anywhere in the world from either a mobile phone or computer. Two portable receivers can be paired to one Freedom Watch for transitioning between locations.

RF/GPS/GSM Compatible

When the Freedom Watch is in close proximity to the portable receiver, it operates in RF mode. Out of range, the watch automatically switches to GPS or GSM mode (Satellite or Mobile technology) to find its location.

Freedom uses the same pinpoint precise GPS technology used in SatNav systems, offering locational accuracy within 3 meters. Lok8u developed its own proprietary Cell ID technology to provide a quick approximate location of the wearer. This estimation is then refined using GPS to achieve an accuracy of 3 meters. The benefit of using dual locating technology is that the wearer can still be located in instances where normal GPS technology may not be sufficient. This action is driven via mobile phone using the texting facility or via the internet using our secure portal.

Lockable Hypoallergenic Wristband

The watch’s non-allergenic wristband can only be removed using the supplied key. The Freedom Watch can’t fall off by accident or be forcibly removed. It can only be removed by the caregiver.


• Freedom GPS Watch
• Portable Receiver
• Charger Docking Station
• USB Interface Cable
• USB/AC Wall Charger
• Quick Start Guide

Annual Service plan:
First year “Free” (included in the purchase price)
After the first year: $12.00 per month for E-mail messaging
Optional: $12.00 per month for Text Messaging.

• Case: High-Impact Polycarbonate
• Band: Hypoallergenic rubber
• Battery Life
• up to 30 days
• 48-hours in standby
• 8-hours in Live Track
• SIM Card

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