Cellular Enabled Blood Glucose Meter

Cellular Enabled Blood Glucose Meter

$ 169.00


Proactively manage diabetes with the Telcare BGM Cellular-Enabled Blood Glucose Meter, the world’s first stand-alone, wireless glucometer. The Telcare BGM wirelessly uploads each glucose reading to Telcare’s online server, which gives patients and their healthcare providers secure, 24/7 access to automatically organized health data, viewable through any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world.
• Automatically uploads test results to the Telserve database
• Stores up to 300 of your most recent readings
• Only requires a small blood sample
• Receives personal messages from your healthcare team
• Test strips automatically calibrate with the meter.

With built-in memory, the meter stores up to 300 of your most recent readings with time/date stamps. The meter also allows you to create up to three alarms to help remind you or your loved one when to test again.
Once a patient has purchased the Telcare BGM, he/she can give one or multiple healthcare provider(s) access to their health data stored in Telserve. This allows a case manager to monitor patients’ health conditions through the Telcare Physician Portal, a separate online portal designed specifically for health professionals.

Patients using the Telcare BGM can also give family members read-only access to their testing data, thereby creating a complete support network for managing diabetes. Caregivers or family members of Seniors with diabetes, for example, can receive text message alerts from Telserve each time the blood glucose is checked & gain peace of mind by reviewing their loved one’s glucose readings.
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